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Playing Leagues

I.  Cal North offers two statewide leagues:

  • CRL is a fall and spring league for premier level teams at the U13-18 age groups.
  • CCSL is a fall and spring league for Copper to Gold level teams at the U8-20 age groups.

The California Regional League (CRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams that are members of US Youth Soccer Region IV (Cal North and Cal South) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players. The CRL offers quality league competition. Additionally, teams vie for the chance to earn wild card entry into the US Youth Soccer Region IV Far West Regional Championships and US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. Champions also earn entry into the US Youth Soccer National League. The National League offers additional exposure to collegiate, professional and US National Team coaches and offers the highest level of competition in the country.

Cal North – Competitive Soccer League, or CCSL, is open to Cal North affiliated competitive level soccer teams, offering fall, spring and winter league options to accommodate the changing needs of the Northern California soccer community.

Our goal is to provide an appropriate playing environment for competitive level Cal North teams of all skill levels. With over 2000 teams playing CCSL each year, teams will be bracketed with other Copper, Bronze, Silver, Silver Elite, Gold and Premier level opponents. Cal North at the highest competitive level are encouraged to apply for the California Regional League (CRL).

Local volunteers and CCSL Staff work hard to match teams with similarly skilled and experienced teams. Teams and Clubs are always given an opportunity and encouraged to participate in the seeding process. Teams that improve have a real opportunity to move up each year to challenge themselves with higher level competition. Younger and lower level teams are bracketed geographically to reduce travel as much as possible, older and more experienced teams may travel more to find the most appropriate competition.

CCSL is a qualifying league for Cal North Cups and the USYS Regional and National Championship Series.

II. District 1 Leagues provide playing opportunities at all levels of competition locally. Our affiliated leagues offer the following playing options.

San Francisco Vikings  Microsoccer League

  • Our youngest players U5-8 players are encouraged to enroll in the SF Vikings Micro-Soccer league.


San Francisco Youth Soccer

  • SFYS Recreational League

The SF Youth Soccer Recreational program is underscored by our belief that children learn and enjoy soccer the most when playing against teams of similar ability. SF Youth Soccer believes all kids should learn how to lose as well as win. We make every effort to group teams into brackets of like skill level and at the younger ages even we-bracket midseason as necessary. Ideally, teams will play against teams that roughly equal to their own, resulting in a good mix of wins and losses. 

  • SF CCSL Prep

CCSL Prep is a competitive league of approximately 150 teams, from Marin through South San Francisco, 2008 to 2004 in age. CCSL Prep is primarily Silver and Bronze strength select teams, with a few Copper strength brackets. For the vast majority of teams, the competition is strong enough to provide a good challenge. Many teams prefer not to drive long distances for games every week, and recognize they can see new competition by traveling to an occasional tournament.

​Generally speaking, our rules mirror the rules of CCSL, which are posted at While there is no “mercy rule” persay, games should not get too lopsided. You can win by a score differential of +7. If you outscore the opponent by more than 7 goals, you will get only 2 standings points for your win instead of 3.

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Mission Youth Soccer League

  • The Youth League of the Mission ( MYSL ) organizes recreational & competitive play for boys and girls ages 4-19  years.
  • The Mission Summer League welcomes teams of all competition levels in a 7v7 format. The Summer League will endeavor to create playing divisions within age groups The Mission based on competition level.   Based on the number and competition level of teams, it may be necessary to combine recreational and competitive teams within a division at the discretion of the League Coordinator.

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South San Francisco United Youth Soccer League

  • South San Francisco United Youth Soccer League (SSF United) was created to provide a full range of soccer services to the South San Francisco and surrounding areas. Our CoEd Fall and Spring Recreational and Competitive soccer program (ages 4 to 18 years) are typically eight to ten weeks long with games on Saturday and/or Sundays. The goal is to to provide players of all skills and abilities an opportunity to learn the game of soccer along with other children their age.

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