General Board Procedures


General Board Procedures and Policies

1:01 NAME

1:01 This Administration shall be known as the California Youth Soccer Association (CalNorth) District 1 General Board, hereinafter referred to as the “District General Board”.


1:02 The purpose of the District General Board shall be to provide coordination and development of the youth soccer program within CalNorth District 1.  The District General Board shall keep and maintain records of players, teams and leagues for the purpose of registration and affiliation.  The District General Board shall act as the liaison between District 1 leagues and the operations and programs of the California Youth Soccer Association and be the instrument for internal communications of the district.


1:03:01 The District General Board, acting together, shall constitute the management of the District and they shall be responsible for:

A. Ensuring the District General Board operates within the framework of the CalNorth Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Procedures.

B. Expenditures.

C. Recording, publicizing and promoting youth soccer activities.

D. Appointing staff and committee.

E. Making rules and regulations for specific cases, which are deemed, necessary and advantageous by the District General Board to carry out the objectives of the program.

F. Hearing appeals and protest from leagues within the District by committee.

G. Administration of District Playing Leagues.


1:04:01 The representative colors of this District shall be red and white.


1:05:01 The boundaries of this District General Board shall be the area defined by CalNorth as District 1.


1:06:01 The District General Board shall be an extension of CalNorth and will comply with CalNorth rules and procedures where applicable.


1:07:01 The District General Board body shall consist of the District Commissioner (who shall act as Chairman of

the Board), Assistant Commissioner, Registrar, Secretary, Treasurer, CNRA Administrator, League representatives, and other members appointed by the Commissioner.  Examples of other official members may be District 1 representatives to CalNorth standing committees, liaison to leagues outside District 1, or individuals involved in operation of District 1 activities.

1:07:02 Each affiliated league within CalNorth District 1 shall be granted membership in the District General Board.  Each member league shall elect or appoint an individual in accordance with their established procedures, to represent their league.  Each official league representative so elected or appointed, shall be entitled to vote, however, in the absence of the official league representative, another league representative may vote in their place.  The alternate league voter must be a league official listed on the most recent league affiliation form.

1:07:03 Only those leagues of record in good standing shall be entitled to a vote.

1:07:04 Each official General Board member shall be entitled to one (1) vote on general issues.  No individual may have more than one vote.  When deemed appropriate by the District Commissioner, specifically identified issues (league only) may be limited to a vote of only league representatives.

1:07:04 The Chairman shall vote only to break a tie.

1:07:05 A quorum is defined as the presence of 50% of the official General Board members or a majority of league representatives for “league only” votes.

1:07:06 According to CalNorth rules, each affiliated league shall have one vote for every fifty (50) duly registered teams or fraction thereof, for voting powers for the purpose of the election or removal of the District Commissioner.


1:08:01 The District General Board will meet a minimum of four (4) times during each seasonal year to conduct regular business.  Notification to all members shall be made at least 14 days prior to the meeting.  The order of business shall be as follows:

A Call to Order

B. Roll Call

C. Introduction of Guests

D. Acceptance of Minutes

E. Correspondence

F. Reports

1. Commissioner’s Report

  2. Staff reports

3. League Reports

G. Unfinished Business

H. New Business

I. Good of the Game

J. Adjournment

1:08:02 Meetings may proceed under informal rules of order adopted by the chair, unless a majority of the participants demand that the meeting proceed under formal rules of order, in which event Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed.

1:08:03 The introduction and seconding of a motion is not limited to official members of the District General Board.


1:09:01 Amendments to the Rules or Procedures of this District General Board may be made at any meeting of the District General Board.

1:09:02 Amendments must be presented to the District Commissioner in writing at least 30 days prior to any meeting of the District General Board membership.

1:09:03 An amendment shall be deemed adopted by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting membership present at the meeting.

1:09:04 The District General Board may invoke temporary policy during the seasonal year on issues not already covered.  The temporary policy will be voted upon at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the membership.  Any temporary policy not passed by the voting membership at the next meeting will be null and void.


1:10:01 The District Commissioner shall appoint during his/her term, personnel to fill the following positions: Assistant Commissioner, Registrar, Secretary, Treasurer, and representatives to all CYSA standing committees as necessary.

1:10:02 The District 1 appointed officers and representatives will be responsible for performing certain duties which include but are not limited to the following:

A.The Assistant Commissioner shall act as the District Commissioner’s representative in his/her absence and shall oversee special responsibilities as assigned be the District Commissioner.

B. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings and perform other duties specified by the District General Board.

C.  The Registrar shall assure that all District players, coaches, and teams are properly registered with CalNorth and that all required fees have been properly paid and recorded.  The registrar shall attend all CalNorth Registration Committee meetings. The registrar shall report at each meeting of the District General Board.

D. The Treasurer shall be responsible for accurate accounting of all assets, receipts, expenditures, and bank balances and shall ensure that all deposits made into the District account reflect the party and nature of the funds.  He/she shall ensure that all debits shall be disbursed after approval of the District Commissioner.  All checks shall bear at least two (2) of the following signatures: District Commissioner, Treasurer, Assistant Commissioner.  All financial records of the District shall be submitted for the annual audit of CalNorth according to procedures and time established by CalNorth.  Monthly bank reconciliation shall be filed with the CalNorth staff accountant.  The treasurer shall attend all CalNorth meetings of Treasurers and report at each meeting of the District General Board.

E. The Coaching Coordinator shall act as the liaison between the CalNorth Coaching staff and District 1 leagues to ensure the proper training and licensing of coaches to serve District 1 leagues.  He/she shall organize CalNorth coaching courses through the District leagues and coordinate the announcement of courses.  He/she shall attend all Coaching Committee meetings as the representative of District 1 and report at each meeting of the District General Board.

F. Other Coordinators appointed to represent District 1 in the administration of CalNorth programs shall attend all committee meetings of their respective program, and shall make reports to the Commissioner and at District General Board meetings. These Coordinators shall support District events that are involved in their programs.

These representatives include:

District Youth Referee Coordinator

Tournament Coordinator

Olympic Development Program Coordinator

CalNorth Cup Coordinator

Rules and Revisions Coordinator

CCSL Coordinator

Recreation Coordinator

TopSoccer Coordinator


1:11:01 The District General Board shall not assume, nor be liable for, neither the debt nor the financial responsibilities of member leagues, teams, and team officials.


1:12:01 Protest or appeals will be handled according to CalNorth rules.  Protest or appeals of league decisions are to be in writing and delivered to the District Commissioner within 3 days (Sundays and holidays excluded) with a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) following the receipt of the league decision.  Protest or appeals involving non-league activities will be received directly by the District.

1:12:02 The District Protest and Appeals Committee shall be appointed by the District Commissioner, and consist of appropriate neutral members.


1:13:01 Should the District General Board be dissolved, all asset remaining after payment of all debts, shall be given to CalNorth.

Revised 1/31/2107